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Jordon's Endeavor's early conception started as Jordon's Trio in 1998 by Chad Jordon who sang with his wife Roxann, and his mother Marie.
Later to be renamed Jordon's Endeavor.
Jordon's Endeavor is Chad and his wife Roxann Jordon.
ometimes their daughters sing with them as well as friends who sing and play guitar.

Jordon's Endeavor's music has an eclectic approach.
They perform their own original songs, and famous hymns as well as other popular songs that make sense with their message.
Jordon's Endeavor has something for almost everyone because they want to reach as many people as possible to
inspire them.

Sometimes they perform all live music with a guitarist or sometimes more.
 They usually use backing tracks of music that Chad has created or sometimes what others have created with them or for them.
This is especially useful for small Churches and other small events.
Who tours with us is predicated on who is available to tour when they are.

Jordon's Endeavor has
performed in different Churches, and Community Centers, Coffee houses and other special events throughout the Adirondack area of up-state New York.
They've even performed as far away as Jacksonville Florida.

Their mission or rather their endeavor is simple, to touch people's hearts and lives in a positive way with music while leading them to the King of all Kings!
Jordon's Endeavor is a very family friendly ministry and so is their music.
They want people to let go of their pain, sorrows and troubles and cling to our Heavenly Father through His one and only Son.


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Jordon's Endeavor album entitled
"Quest for Truth"

is now available now!
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Quest For Truth
is now available on all major digital music sites. including
Apple Music / iTunes
Amazon music and many more

This album has 7 tracks on it
                     1. Justine
                     2. Sins
                     3. Sometimes
                     4. All This Time
                     5. It Hurts Letting Go
                     6. Only You
                     7. It's Time

$8.00 U.S.
Price includes shipping

"The Genesis of Marriage"

Will be released very soon in an Ebook format.
Please check back often

You may preorder your copy today for
$8.00 U.S.


Marriage Ministry seminar is ready now.
The Book will be ready in a PDF file soon.

We will be planing on touring
Churches and any other relevant
places that stand for Biblical Marriage
between one man, and one woman.
If you would like to have us
come visit to teach about these basic
Biblical  principles, and how to make marriage work

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Jordon's Endeavor album entitled
Has 7 tracks of famous Gospel Hymns

           1. Battle Hymn Of The Republic
           2. Amazing Grace
           3. The Old Rugged Cross
           4. Are You Washed in the Blood
           5. As The Deer
           6. Just A Closer Walk With Thee
           7. He's Got the Whole World in His Hands
This album will be released very soon!
Please check back often!

You may pre-order your copy today for

$8.00 U.S.

Price includes shipping


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